Ways to Give

There are numerous ways in which you can make a charitable donation to Broadwater, below is a list of just a few ideas:


Donations may be sent via mail (PO Box 546, Exmore, VA 23350), dropped off at school (3500 Broadwater Rd. Exmore, VA), or submitted online through our PayPal account.

Most donations qualify as an income tax deduction when itemized on your income tax return.

If your credit card provides frequent-flyer miles or other credits or points, you get the tax advantages plus added benefits.

GIFTS OF STOCK (Click here for Stock Transfer Instructions)

Donation of appreciated stock held for more than one year can derive an additional tax benefit – avoidance of capital gains. Consider choosing appreciated stock with the greatest capital gain to take maximum advantage of this unique tax benefit.

Sell stock that has lost value and donate the proceeds. You can deduct the loss in value (cost basis less current value) and derive an income tax charitable deduction for the current market value.

Share the proceeds. If you are not prepared to donate all of your shares of stock in a particular company, donate the amount of shares that will offset or reduce the gain when you sell the remainder of shares and keep the proceeds.


Donate income generated from an IRA ACCOUNT and offset income taxes with a charitable deduction.

Donate an INSURANCE POLICY that you no longer find useful, and receive a charitable deduction for the cash value of the policy.