For over 50 years, Broadwater Academy has been the leading private K-12 school on the Eastern Shore.  Philanthropy is an integral part of our history and, of course, of our future. We ask for your help in perpetuating this philanthropic tradition of forward-looking strength.


Broadwater is dedicated to admitting Eastern Shore youth from every quarter regardless of their families’ ability to pay the tuition.  The Friends of Broadwater are conducted a fundraising campaign to increase need and merit-based scholarships to create a higher achieving, more diverse student body.  A significant portion of the Broadwater operating budget, about 15 percent, is allocated for Tuition Assistance.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE to Attract Outstanding Faculty and Students

The following are the academic fundraising priorities:

  • Endow teaching positions in Physics, mathematics, and the arts.
  • Invest in academic areas with the greatest potential for preeminence.
  • Create more opportunities for academic enrichment through programs like Robotics.
  • Fund upgrade of IT infrastructure and increased capacity to process data.
  • Provide seed funding for innovation and new ideas.

Loyalty Programs

Capital Construction and Facility Renovation

Endowment and Legacy Giving

            Remembering Broadwater in Your Planning

            Making a Bequest Provision

            Charitable Trusts

            Charitable IRA Rollover

            Legacy Society and Recognition

Ways to Give