Lower School

Broadwater Academy provides a foundation of balanced learning, incorporating new and innovative best teaching practices with traditional teaching methods to ensure every student a life journey equipped for success. We focus on parental involvement, technology, motivated teachers and a well-rounded student.

We believe children need a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Multiple means of communication between teachers and parents, along with clear goals and expectations, ensures the best learning environment.

Because it is ever-changing, providing cutting edge technology continues to be a top priority at Broadwater. Students are instructed in the proper use of technology and ethical standards when using information and ideas obtained from the Internet.

Students are challenged with projects requiring the use of multimedia combining with hands-on, creative activities along with the traditional skills of handwriting, drill, and practice, giving them an educational balance that fosters a love of learning.

Broadwater provides a safe and caring environment with an expectation of mutual respect among all members of the Broadwater family.