Visual Arts

At Broadwater, we believe that a firm foundation in the Visual Arts is an important part of each student’s development. From Pre-K through Grade Four, students are led through an exploration of the elements of art, producing various artworks using media such as marker, watercolor, tempera paint, cut paper, oil pastel, chalk pastel, and clay. To introduce each project, the teacher shows and describes the artwork of a famous artist who has excelled in a specific technique or medium. In Grades Six and Seven, students learn to combine the elements of art in more thoughtful ways as a formal introduction to the principles of design. Grade Eight art students are encouraged to seek individual solutions to project parameters and have increased freedom of expression in this, their last required Visual Arts class.

In Grades Nine through Twelve, the concentration centers on the principles of design through an even more expansive use of materials including acrylics, found objects, oils, and glass. Students are welcome to enroll in Visual Arts classes even if they do not feel they have particular talents in that direction; through exploration of their own interests and exposure to various techniques and media, all students benefit from the “right-brain” activities inherent to the processes and projects that are included in the Upper School Visual Arts curricula.

The Lower School Art Show is open to all students in Grades Kindergarten through Grade Four. In addition, Grade Five students have a special exhibition during the Lower School Art Show. The Middle and Upper School Art Show categories include 3D, painting, drawing, mixed media, textile, applied art, computer, and photography. Local professional artists make up each show’s panel of judges, which awards ribbons and selects a Best in Show entry from each age division.

Local artists and artisans are sometime-visitors to the classrooms, with additional support from parents and friends of the school. The Eastern Shore is an incredible resource for art awareness and the development of each individual’s strengths in the visual arts.

We feel the study of art and the making of art help to form the foundation for advanced problem-solving and creative thinking. Often, the most productive and talented art students excel in academic and athletic pursuits as well.

Broadwater’s AP Studio Art class provides the framework for seniors to achieve college-level goals; as part of students’ preparation for the rigors of college, AP portfolio development can result in a higher grade point average and placement in advanced art classes during post-graduate studies.

In addition to the more traditional fine arts classes, Broadwater’s art offerings include two computer-based art classes: Digital Photography and Photoshop; and Web Applications. Students use Photoshop, InDesign, and various other professional-level programs. Students link their traditional studies of the elements and principles of design to digital projects such as 3D building design, a digital sketchbook, and manipulating and correcting their photographs using advanced techniques in Photoshop.

Come and visit the art rooms at Broadwater—we’ll lend you a smock!