Viking Volunteers


Because most Broadwater Academy students will one day be community leaders wherever they live, the Broadwater Academy Viking Volunteer Program seeks to promote commitment and service at an early age. As a graduation requirement of Broadwater Academy, students in grades 9, 10, and 11 are required to complete 15 hours of community service each of these grade levels.

The Broadwater Academy Viking Volunteer Program involves agencies throughout the Eastern Shore. These agencies have agreed to work with Broadwater Academy students to help them achieve success in serving others. We feel it is important for students to give back to the community, whether it be visiting a senior-citizens’ home, volunteering in a hospital, or working in the school library or after-school child care.

Specifically, the Broadwater Academy Viking Volunteer Program seeks:

  • to provide students with a mode for discovering individual strengths, which may
    not emerge in the classroom, on the playing field, or through pursuit of the Arts;
  • to encourage personal educational experiences which develop responsibility, understanding, sensitivity, and maturity;
  • to strengthen Broadwater Academy’s involvement throughout the Eastern Shore community; and
  • to create an opportunity for firsthand awareness of social issues; and to foster a lifelong appreciation for the value and practice of community involvement;

Broadwater strives to instill the realization that in giving back to the community they receive the greatest gift.


Effective with the graduating Class of 2014 and beyond, a minimum of 15 hours are to be completed each year (May 1 of one year through May 31 of the following year). No credit for any service will be given until the Viking Volunteer Service Hours Documentation Form is returned to the Guidance Office Assistant.

These hours are to be performed in grades 9, 10, and 11 or during the summers before these grades.

Three of the 15 hours are to be completed as service to Broadwater Academy and may not be completed during school hours. No more than 12 cumulative hours can be counted toward the total number of required hours with any one agency or organization. For example: A student who completed 12 hours with ESO Arts Center in Grade 9 cannot use the ESO Arts Center to complete community service hours in Grades 10 or 11. A student who completed 8 hours with Hospice in Grade 9 maycomplete 4 more hours with Hospice in either Grade 10 or 11.

Students may not perform community service at their family owned business or agency. Parents may not sign off as supervisors on the community service form.
Hours of service performed for a school club/organization requirement such as Open House, national and state projects sponsored by Senior Beta, Red Cross Club, etc. can now be counted toward the required community service hours. Students are required to wear a Broadwater Academy tee shirt or travel shirt when representing a Broadwater school club/organization during this time of community service.


1) Review the approved list of community service agencies and decide upon agencies where service provided can complement your strengths and interests. Discuss your choices with your parents. If an agency or organization is not on the approved list, please obtain approval from the Guidance Office Assistant prior to performing any volunteer services.

Contact the agency supervisor to inquire about performing volunteer services and schedule a time to perform your volunteer service.

Have the agency supervisor complete the Viking Volunteer Service Hours Documentation/Evaluation Form, INCLUDING THEIR SIGNATURE, TELEPHONE NUMBER, AND EMAIL ADDRESS. Securing their telephone number and email address helps us to stay in contact with them for future community service opportunities.
Submit the completed Viking Volunteer Service Hours Document/Evaluation Form to the Guidance Office Assistant.