Tuition Assistance

Broadwater Academy is pleased to offer Tuition Assistance to our students. We partner with FAST to provide a fair, blind process available to all families.

FAST Application

Who is eligible for Tuition Assistance?

Families with students in K-12 pay tuition that is affordable for their economic profile. Tuition Assistance is not available to students in Pre-Kindergarten, a program which is eligible for the childcare tax credit due to its status as a licensed day-care. Over 60% of our families receive Tuition Assistance.

Why does Broadwater Academy offer Tuition Assistance?


We offer Tuition Assistance to support Broadwater’s mission to support the entire Eastern Shore community. Tuition Assistance makes a Broadwater education accessible to families from a wide range of economic circumstances. We appreciate that a Broadwater education may be a challenging choice for the families of many outstanding students.

Economic diversity

Tuition Assistance supports the school’s commitment to economic diversity, which enriches educational opportunities for all families. Participation of a wide range of families is critical to the health of the school.

Are additional scholarships available?

Yes, thanks to the generosity of Broadwater Academy donors, additional scholarships are available. Learn more about Scholarship Opportunities.

How do I apply for Tuition Assistance?

Complete the online FAST application as instructed below.

FAST Application