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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 546
Exmore, Virginia 23350

Physical Address
3500 Broadwater Road
Exmore, Virginia 23350

Phone Number

Fax Number

Assistance Directory

Head of School
Joe Spagnolo
Ext. 111

Assistant Head of School and CFO
Julie Badger
Ext. 199

Director of Guidance and College Counseling
Barbara Parker
Ext. 117

Dean of Students
Berkley Ashby
Ext. 132

Director of Admissions
Sheila Sheppard
Ext. 120

Director of Athletics and Operations
Ron Anson
Ext. 116

Advancement Coordinator
Abbey Brassfield
Ext. 125

Staff Directory

Ames, Gina
Anson, Ron
Ashby, Berkley
Badger, Julie
Beal, Justin
Bloxom, Lou
Bowen, Carol
Brassfield, Abbey
Carlson, Charles
Carrier, Ken
Chuquin-Naylor, Laura
Ciskowski, Elizabeth
Cusimano, Dawn
Custis, Kathy
Dardenne, Dominique
Eno, Michelle
Everage, Laren
Freeze, Christina
Hall, Reid
Hartman, Josh
Hennessey, Connor
Hennessey, Martha
Jones, Krista
Kellam, Patty
Lacks, Kate
Leland, Trinity
Linton, Kristi
Mapp, Sue
Moore, Jamie
Nealon, Pat
Parker, Barbara
Parker, Susie
Sheppard, Sheila
Slate, Bonnie
Spagnolo, Joseph
Tarwater, Ally
Thomas, Benjamin
Thomas, Marisa
Thornton, Sandra
Vestal, Stacy
Whitaker, Michele