Capital Campaign

In 2012 Broadwater began an ambitious capital campaign to continue much-needed upgrades to our facilities and campus-wide access to technology, and to increase the availability of scholarships, and provide professional development best practices for our faculty. We are well into the Leadership Phase of the campaign, and we are pleased to report that 100% of our trustees, faculty and staff, along with several generous community members have already pledged over $1million to our campaign.

We invite you to click on the image to learn more about the campaign and we look forward to celebrating many new successes and milestones with our community in the near future.

“Supporting Broadwater’s capital campaign is one way I can do my part to enhance the pre-K through 12 education experience of Eastern Shore youth, and it is with deep respect and appreciation for the sacrifices many have made over the years for Broadwater that I participate in the current fundraising effort. The school’s leadership, teachers, staff, and volunteers work very hard to maintain and advance education standards on the Shore, and it is my pleasure to assist financially.” -Polk Kellam

“Broadwater is like a second home and family to me. I give my heart to Broadwater and I go all the way to show my love for the school. I support the campaign because it’s important to keep the buildings and grounds updated and maintained so we don’t have to pull so hard to keep things going. It can also help save on maintenance expenses. Some of the things we need, like fixing the roof and working on the outside and inside of the school, are important for the future of Broadwater. If everyone participates and offers their pledge, we can get some of these things done. Just show the heart that you have — give what you can.” -Leroy Weatherly