Broadwater Insights

Tapping into Dr. Spagnolo’s decades of study and experience, this is the first in a regular series from the Head of School that explores the experiences, opportunities, and challenges facing our students and the greater Broadwater community. He plans to invite individuals from our pool of experienced teachers and staff to reflect on his topics from their perspective.

Issue Two: The Future is Bright
The past is prologue and based on that past the future is bright
By Joe Spagnolo, Head of School
Rumors: Fact vs. Fiction
Broadwater’s 2015-2016 Top Twelve List

Issue One: The Importance of Early Childhood Education
The Need for Quality Early Childhood Education “A stitch in time saves nine…”
By Joe Spagnolo, Head of School
Early Learning Blocks Build a Strong Foundation of Success
By Martha Hennessey, Pre-K Teacher