Athletics Calendar

Link to Broadwater Academy Athletics Calendar


Set up Athletic Alerts
To assist students and fans, Broadwater Academy has found a new and better way to keep everyone informed of changes to our busy athletic calendar. Broadwater is trying out a third-party website to provide our families with a way to help everyone stay current with athletic information. This site provides text and email alerts to you when changes are made to our Broadwater team practice and game schedules.

1. Go to

2. Click the ‘Join’ button in the top right corner

3. Enter all of your information

4. Click ‘Submit’, and you will reach the Welcome page.

5. Under the Fan Dashboard heading click ‘My Favorites/Alerts’ (Middle Option)

6. Once on the Favorites tab choose Broadwater Academy as your school. After you have chosen Broadwater, there is a tab underneath it labeled ‘Add a team’.

7. Click ‘Add a team’. You will then select the sport, age level, and gender of the team or teams you would like to follow. Add only the teams you would like to receive alerts.

8. After adding all the teams that you wish, click the Alerts tab next to the Favorites tab. Here you select when you want to receive alerts for each team you have added. Once you have completed this, the alerts you receive will include schedule changes, score updates, etc.

9. Next, click the alert settings tab and add the e-mail and/or cell phone number where you wish to receive the alerts of game changes etc.

*Please note that each team has a practice schedule and a game schedule listed on the calendar. Changes to practices (practice time changes or practice cancellations/additions will be alerted as well).*