Advanced Placement & Dual Enrollment Information

In addition to our college-preparatory course offerings, students may also apply to take advanced placement (available to students in Grades 9-12) and dual enrollment courses (available to students in Grades 11-12). Our dual enrollment options are offered through a partnership with the Eastern Shore Community College and Virginia Wesleyan University. The additional fees associated with these courses are covered as part of your tuition at Broadwater Academy.

In order to qualify for an advanced placement course, many criteria are considered such as final grades in previous courses in the specific content area, PSAT scores, teacher recommendations, essays and writing samples for all non-math AP courses and class size.

In order to qualify for Dual Enrollment courses, students must score at the required college level on the Eastern Shore Community College placement tests. Students can be exempt from taking placement tests by obtaining the following minimum scores on PSAT tests: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Score – 390 and Mathematics Score – 500. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, placement testing for dual enrollment students has been suspended for the 2020-2021 school year. Therefore, as long as students have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. they will be eligible to enroll in dual enrollment courses with Eastern Shore Community College.

Advanced Placement courses offer students the opportunity to earn college credit by taking an Advanced Placement exam at the completion of the course. College credit is usually granted to students scoring a 3 or higher (scores range from 1 -5), although some colleges only grant credit for scores of 4’s and 5’s. Dual enrollment programs provide students with another way to earn college credit while taking the course at their school. Upon successful completion of the course, students earn both high school and college credit.

Students may increase the likelihood of earning college credit by pursuing the AP and dual-enrollment options simultaneously. Students who then do not perform well enough to earn college credit on the AP exam will still be eligible to earn college credit via dual enrollment if they have maintained, in most cases, an A, B, or C in the course. For college admission purposes, we would list the AP title on the transcript, but students could choose whether to submit the AP scores to the college or an ESCC or Virginia Wesleyan transcript to the college they will attend.

Dual Enrollment Forms for Rising Grade 11 Students


Parent Authorization Form DUAL ENROLLMENT (1)