This year’s commencement recognized 26 graduates who were accepted into 102 colleges and universities. In-state acceptances include the University of Virginia, Washington & Lee University, Virginia Tech, James Madison University, the University of Mary Washington, Virginia Commonwealth University, the Virginia Military Institute, and several others.

Out-of-state acceptances include the University of Miami, Clemson University, the University of Oregon, University of Tennessee, Oklahoma State University, Marymount Manhattan College, and many more.

“About 20 percent of students in the graduating class were admitted to the University of Virginia. Thirty-five percent were admitted to James Madison University, and almost 25 percent were admitted to Virginia Tech. One student applied, and was admitted to Washington and Lee University,” said Head of School Joe Spagnolo. “As always, I’m very proud of all of our students, and would put our college acceptance percentages up against schools much larger than ours.”

As of the day of graduation, Broadwater’s 26 seniors had been awarded over $2.8 million in scholarships from colleges and universities to which they applied, averaging $108,000 per student. Broadwater also recognized many graduates who additionally won scholarships from the community, and who were recognized for outstanding achievement by faculty and staff, and the administration.

Anna Sexauer is the 2018 valedictorian, Rose Murphy and Robby Parker are co-salutatorians. All three spoke individually, congratulating their classmates, providing amusing anecdotes, and giving advice as they move on to college. “Don’t give up or stop trying over petty setbacks or even failures,” said Murphy. “If you decide to do something, then do it no matter how many tries it takes. With enough dedication and hard work, you can do anything you put your mind to.”

Spagnolo acknowledged the hard work of students and faculty, and that of Director of Guidance, Barbara Parker, at which point she received a standing ovation from the graduating class, the faculty, and the audience. “Her efforts on behalf of your children are simply phenomenal, and she makes all of this work,” he said.

“We couldn’t be more proud to honor our Broadwater Academy graduates of 2018,” said Board Chair Rob Gustafson, “Many of these students have worked so hard, have overcome challenges and have excelled at making a difference on the Eastern Shore — something certainly to be recognized by their peers, their families and this community. We are excited to follow their paths of success.”