March 2018

Broadwater Academy is thrilled to introduce and add the Table Tennis Sports and Education Program as a part of the schools 2018/2019 mission to encourage creative mindsets and continually provide excellence in educational experience.

The program, in partnership with the PingPong.GIVES Charity Foundation, is designed not only to offer schools an extension to extracurricular activities and mainstream sports provided to students, but to also promote the social, physical and mental benefits that playing ping pong offers. “I never realized that just a few minutes of playing ping pong has such favorable impact”, shares Joe Spagnolo, Broadwater Academy’s Headmaster. “We’re delighted to bring this program to our students, parents and faculty.

The Foundation’s Board chairman, Dr. Scott Sautter, will present the science and share the benefits of playing table tennis, followed by demonstrations from local table tennis professionals, including the donation of a table tennis table by PingPong.GIVES and KETTLER. Lastly the launch of the BA Ping Pong Club will be made available to any and all Broadwater students who would like to participate.

As validated by Scott Sautter, Ph.D., ABN, “The neuroscience of playing Ping Pong has been described as a game of aerobic chess. It’s great for eye-hand coordination, reflexes, balance, planning, strategy and a stress reliever exercising the mind and body in a safe activity for everyone. The cool factor, is that research has demonstrated the positive benefits to brain fitness, such as the report of a Japanese study that found just ten minutes of playing Ping Pong increased neuronal activity in the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum.”

“Broadwater Academy, unique to any school on the Eastern Shore of Virginia that I am aware, will enable its students the opportunity to engage in a meaningful activity, create a Ping Pong Club that will help teach leadership skills and qualify for potential scholarship opportunities, while participating with peers and other schools who have adopted the Table Tennis Sports and Education Program”, shares Ken Lees, founder and volunteer president of the PingPong.GIVES Charity Foundation, and Broadwater class of ‘81.

About Broadwater Academy

Founded in 1966, Broadwater Academy is an independent, nonsectarian, college preparatory school serving day

students in Pre‐ Kindergarten through Grade 12 from the Eastern Shore of Virginia and southern Maryland as well as

Upper School students from around the world. Broadwater is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent

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